3 comments on “Recombinant Innovation – about finding a solution from where you would least expect it

  1. Something that I’ve never imagine! Amazing how sometimes it’s possible to apply one solution to one field into another that could be useful for all the humankind as in thins case. Thank you Adrian to let me know .

  2. All of this only works if you have teamwork, with one person in charge, the cardiothorasic surgeon & the team technical director !
    Ferrari will need a transplant to win tomorrow !
    The same on a building site, your foreman directs the team, unfortunately here in SA, in all fields where you have labour, you have a third force pulling the team in another direction, the labour unions unfortunately! They have brought the mining industry to its knees. Obviously in your highly technical areas/industries it works , Mercedes benz plant in east London had their first strike in 30 years, thanks to the unions ! just another point, Honda are opening an assembly plant in Kenya as the labour is 1/5 of SA ‘s cost. makes you think !
    bravo Adriano !

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