9 comments on “Open Innovation – a case of overcoming the Not-Sold-Here Syndrome

  1. Thank you Adrian…very good article…so true
    One can apply the principle to any business..even at GB..i am always trying

    Un salute a Trieste

    Sta me ben

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    • Thanks for the comment Zio!
      Yes the principle can be applied to many businesses. I will be posting another article shortly on how one industry can learn from different operational principles applied in another industry. More to follow shortly!

  2. Great example Adrian…or I might say, SMART example of a successful innovation.
    Unfortunately, “Not-Sold-Here” Syndrome is not the only barrier for innovation. A more effective way to handle patents and Intellectual Property should be addressed in order to improve the ratio between patents developed and patents registered simply because formally a patent is a contract signed with the society.
    In the far 1964 one the fathers of Cybernetics Norbert Wiener won the National Book Award with his book “Invention: The Care and Feeding of Ideas” by pointing out some issues regarding the patent process.
    It’s year 2013 and next year will be the half-century anniversary of that book: is there an urgency of innovation also for lawyers and policy makers (and not only for managers and business men)?

    • Quite right Ivan. There are many barriers to innovation. That is why perhaps one of the best ways to overcome the inherent limitations of traditional thinking is to take a “step out of the box” so to speak into the world of open innovation. If managed properly, the benefits that a company can reap are exponential. Just ask LEGO, the developers of open source software or Warner Bros!

  3. Bravo Adriano, thinking out of the box is the way to go with new ideas,here at Gb it is a problem as age prevents ‘thinking out of the box’& blocking any innovation ! keep up your eexcellent reports !

    • Thanks for your comment zio. Innovation transcends age though. It is experience and having the willingness to challenge the status quo that counts. As the French say, it is never too late to do the right thing!

  4. Thank you Professor – A brilliant talk and the most fascinating examples given!
    (Aside: I especially liked his term for “borrowing” – “creative collaboration…”)

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