7 comments on “How emerging markets “emerge” to become developed markets.

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  2. “…as the Asian Financial Crises illustrated in the early 1990s, growth does not last forever and sooner or later a level of equilibrium will have to reset market conditions.”. It sounds like the law of entropy, isn’t it?

    • It’s all about balance and equilibrium. What goes up, must come down. take something away, it must be added some where else. Some markets rise, others fall….

  3. ‘Developed markets’…the very term is disingenuous. Lets take the poster boy of economic freedom, liberalization and all that economic development, America. So we see a picture where the top 1 percent of the income bracket control 43 percent of the wealth in the nation; the next 4 percent control an additional 29 percent and all of this while Americans have increased productivity by 80 percent since 1979 yet the average income hasn’t risen accordingly, if at all. Take real inflation into account and a case can be made that the average income has actually fallen. Now take the report of The American Association of Civil Engineers, the infrastructure rating of the world’s free-est , most developed market is now a completely declined and backward D+ (see here: http://www.infrastructurereportcard.org/ ) did someone say 50 million Americans rely on food stamps? ; )…so a ‘developed’ market or a casino gulag economy? No compare that to Brasil’s market, or Brasil’s general economic situation which has seen actual poverty eradication over the last decade, the building of infrastructure and real industry…which is the developed or even the developing market? No nation or state can lay claim to being developed or to have a developed market when they are mired in economic shit and social decay. As for the Asian Crisis of the 90’s or the run on the Rouble in ’98…both were intimately connected to the meltdown of Long Term Capital Management and both were currency / stock market events. Real economic growth in those regions was set back but it still happened during that time and accelerated nicely afterwards. Ultimately the demarcation of what a developed or a developing market/economy is means nothing…the train has left the station. Broadly speaking the West is in decline while you know who are rising. May the BRICS bank succeed! Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a global financial player that takes a different track, one otherwise to trying to cure debt by issuing more debt, one that finances infrastructure building without extorting the sale/leasing of national assets. Yes, Mr. Faccio, put these guests out of their misery and write an article detailing a step by step programme of how we get out of this global depression.

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