3 comments on “On examining the challenges of developing products and services for emerging markets

  1. Hi Adrian, good insides. I agree that operating on the middle class is the safest move but I still believe that the most disruptive innovations have been made targeting the bottom of the piramid. As you said to be open minded or tnk out of the box (or use a bigger box) are key factors to succeed.

  2. Together with Affordability and Access, I will add also-the human factor.
    For a successful bottom of the pyramid strategy is also necessary to think how to develop the management in a low developed country. Have a look at bullet n.3 in http://goo.gl/M8V6Z
    It’s also a good article in order to set up a good strategy in Africa according to the type of environment: oil-exporters, transition, pre-transition and diversified.

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